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Alaska by trouthuntress
Uploaded: 2/16/2008 Views: 4251
By: trouthuntress Comments: 9
fishing for my dinner

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Roundtop Instructor by JAEGEE JAEGEE says:
TH, what was your sidearm of choice there? I know some guys who carry here in PA for bears but I th...
11 years ago
Erie steelhead 10#.jpg by trouthuntress trouthuntress says:
Hi Jaegee..sorry I'm so late in responding, i've been busy fishing! That's a S & W 44 mag there I ...
10 years ago
Ahhhh... by wannabfishin wannabfishin says:
I carry a GP-100 Ruger .357 Mag. Been thinkin' about upgrading to a .44. We mostly see Black Bear a...
10 years ago