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Topwater Bass 2007 by CarpSlayer1
Topwater Bass 2007
Uploaded: 5/12/2008 Views: 4293
By: CarpSlayer1 Comments: 4
Great little private lake by Potholes

Image Properties:

Date/time created: Sunday, July 1, 2007 9:02:48 PM
Camera model: E-10
Software: QuickTime 7.1.6
Version: 808596016
Flash: 0
Exposure: 1/640
FNumber: 9
Focal Length: 18
Max Aperture: 2.06
ISO Speed: 320
Prog#: 2
Exposure Bias: 0
Resolution-X: 72
Resolution-Y: 72

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25 pound redfish.jpg by trouthuntress trouthuntress says:
Looks like a chartruse popper to me! "If it ain't chartruse it ain't NO use!"
11 years ago
Yakima River Bow - 2005 by CarpSlayer1 CarpSlayer1 says:
Yeah, actually a saltwater popper that I had in my box (has a trailer hook that is free swinging fro...
11 years ago
you see that, is it clear to ya...picture me rollin by testyfesty4life testyfesty4life says:
nice photoshop work there Rookie
11 years ago


Bass      Bucket Mouth